Dance etiquette, or “floor craft,” is important when you are sharing the dance floor with dozens of other dancers. Below you find a few rules to keep in mind.

  1. Asking others to dance is welcome. Dancing with someone more experienced than you is a great way to learn.
  2. Ask lots of people to dance, including those more experienced than you and those just learning.
  3. Make a decision on who is going to lead before you start dancing,
  4. Decide who’s going to lead before you get on the dance floor, and once you’re there get going quickly.
  5. Leaders are responsible for preparing for the unexpected, and being aware of their environment.
  6. Dance in a counter-clockwise direction around the floor. Faster dancers on the outside of the circle, slower dancers toward the center of the room. Stationary (e.g. swing) or line dances in the middle of the floor. If a song is a standard Country Club line dance, line dancers have first dibs on the floor space, even if it goes into the dance lanes.
  7. The dancefloor is reserved for dancing only, please refrain from loitering.